Swine Flu

Spreading the message against swine flu Ramesh Susarla

Doctors launch exercise to spread awareness on measures to be taken against the virus

GUNTUR: People in Guntur have stopped shaking hands, instead they have begun saying `Namaste’ to each other — all this for fear of contracting swine flu.

For a few it looked awkward, but when they were explained the concept, they laughed to their heart’s content and promised to spread the message to stop the virus.

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India is a land of divinity from the beginning. Foreigners mistakenly identified this divinity as ‘religion’ and named it “Hindu”.

Indians of other religions, do have the ‘Bharatiya’ in them. Bharatiya is an invisible spirit that flows through people, land, trees, air, water etc. It is not religion. It is ……..words fail me…….. it is ……… it is……… Bharathiya. That is it.


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