3 Idiots

Amir did not have to do all those promo trips round the country. He should have had more confidence in the movie!

The movie gave good laughs and you could forgive the length (20 or 21 reels) because of that. And all the while doling out advice. Advice to parents, advice to students, advice  those about to be engaged.  And most importantly advice to the Teachers.

IIM Bangalore’s campus was well utilized and the locales in Ladakh were awsome.

And at the end of the movie, I had a little change of heart. May be I will be more more sensitive to my son’s wishes than I am now and hope to improve on this issue.

I have to thank the movie for an wholesome entertainment in conclusion.

P.S: Chetan Bhagat did not receive enough credits. ( Is someone telling me to ‘shut up’?)


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