To Bairluty (Jungle Camp)

We planned for a weekend at Bairluty jungle camp (This camp is setup and run by the “Forest department” of Andhra Pradesh) during June 3&4, 2017 before my son’s summer vacation ends.  It’s not a very ideal time to visit, but I had little choice.

Bairluty is in Atmakur mandal, Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh. This camp is under ‘Nagaluty’ Forest Range Officer’s supervision.

I discovered existence of this place after reading a tweet from Sri Sidda Raghava Rao (Forest Minister- Andhra Pradesh govt) in May 2017

I decided to make a visit as it is not too far from my place. It is drivable distance.

Earlier this year I visited a hugely popular ‘Jungle Lodge Resorts’ (JLR) on banks of river Kabini, near Mysore.  The website of  Nallamalai Jungle Camp  (NJC) is so well done and on par with JLR website. (Note: I am comparing the websites, not the camp!)

There are 2 more jungle camps under Nallamalai Jungle Camp  (NJC)banner – Thummalabailu and Pacherla.

The link to the site is and the landing page looks as follows:

Don’t get excited, by seeing a majestic Tiger on the website.
 NSTR (Nagarjuna SagarSrisailam Tiger Reserve) under which this Bairluty is located, hardly has any tigers left. But I decided to make the trip anyway just as as a weekend trip and get close to nature and at the end it turned out to be an unforgettable experience.

The Journey: Having booked the cottage online, we started at 6 AM by car from Guntur (I live here) on a Saturday. We reached Dornala by about 9 AM via Narasaraopeta and Vinukonda. The roads were  good. We didn’t drive too fast

We had breakfast at Dornala. From here if you take a right turn you can go up to Srisailam Temple up in the  Nallamalai hills. To reach this Bairluty camp you have to continue forward towards Kurnool and travel about 43 kilometers.. It took about 1 hour 15 mts for us to come from Dornala to  Bairluty . The road up to Dornala is  good but from Dornala to Bairluty it’s a single narrow Road. There is a ghat section in this segment (but, not too tough). Importantly, a few kilometers after Dornala we could not get any cell phone signals.  Only BSNL phones had weak two signal levels. Fortunately at the Jungle Camp Airtel,  Reliance Jio and Idea phones – all three showed signals. Including mobile data on phones. It was a relief.

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