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Alampur Jogulamba Temple

Just before the floods in Kurnool area, I was at Alampur Jogulamba Temple. The temple is in Mahabub nagar district. But easily accessible from Kurnool Town. It is built with red sand stone. Jogulamba is the presiding deity. She is one of the 18 Shakti peethas of Indian Sub-continent.

The architecture and the ‘old age’ of the temple are mind blowing.

Dont miss a visit to jogulamba temple. The main deity is fearsome personified. Said once to be venerated by monks and yogis ( Yogulamba / Jogulamba; mother of yogis)

It is forbidden to take a picture of the idol. So, I don’t have it.


The following image is of the temple recently reconstructed which was destroyed 600 years ago.

(ASI has done a fantastic job)


The whole complex with number of temples, curious rooms, backyards with idols strewn around, large areas of just plain land, some cave like crevices, sudden statues that come across are too exciting.

There is even a muslim (Sha Ali Pahelwan)buried in the within the temple complex; who lost his life trying to demolish the temple complex. There are many a Siva Lingas  around in large numbers.  There are so many dilapidated temples small and large within the complex.

The whole complex takes days to see and ages to fathom.


The picture below shows the lingas and idols and idol parts opposite the Bala Brahmeswara temple.

The Bala Brahmeswara linga is said to be a Rasa Linga. There are many Brahma idols around ( not in the picture below)


Picture below inside a small ordirnary looking temple. Normally you don’t much inside due to poor light. But the camera flash catches great carvings and a beautiful small temple of granite:



Another small crevice in the perimeter of a temple shows intricately sculpted  idol; which is fantastic but accumulated some dirt and neglect.


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