Dr.G.V.Krishna Rao Trust and BSS Vocational Course Centre started

Dr.G.V.Krishna Rao Trust was inaugurated today at Srinivasa Nursing home, old club road, headed by Dr.G.V.Krishna Rao, who has been practicing for last 50 years.

His son, Dr.G.S.Satish Kumar and  Dr.Jahnavi have formed a Trust by name’ DR.G.V.KRISHNA RAO TRUST’ and was inaugurated by Hon. Minister for Rural Development Sri. Dokka Manikya Vara Prasad.

Dr.G.V.Krishna Rao has presided over the function.

As one of the activities of the trust, BSSVocational Paramedical courses center in the same premises was inaugurated by Hon. MLA (Guntur 1) Sri. Shaik Mastan Vali  These courses will be of immense help to many experienced but not qualified medical personnel working in various private and corporate hospitals and  unemployed youth desirous of getting a job in medical field.

Dr.Challa Mohan Rao Superintendent of Govt . General Hospital Guntur Inagurated the administrative office of BSSVE and ICU



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The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

The Kite RunnerThe Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Read it … You will love it…. Your will discover some part of you again…… yes. yet again

I plan to read it again. It is soul stirring.  The protagonist is in search of redemption. In the process, it has set off so much of thinking and thought in my mind. May be I will find my redemption? I think I need to follow up on my thoughts!

Vinesh is an Andhra Malayalee!

Vinesh  is tall and handsome. His father  a Malayali migrated to Guntur and married a  Telugu woman. So Vinesh’s friends joke that mother tongue is Telugu while father tongue is Malayalam. His paternal place is Palaghat in Kerala.

He came to me about 20 days ago as he injured his left long finger in a machine and was referred to me for surgery to preserve the function of the hand.  I did a abdominal flap to preserve the length and he was in hospital for quite sometime.

Captivating Smile

Vinesh is a cheerful person and his optimistic attitude to life has caught my attention. He never once cursed his luck for being injured and always was positive.

He has worn many hats in his life. He completed his intermediate (+2) after which he was in medical sales for 8 years. One night 8 yrs ago, he was urgently asked to procure a urinary catheter for his father who at that time was in a critical position. He searched frantically all over the town. It was beyond 12 midnight and finally found and knocked on the doors of a distributer’s house who was kind enough to understand the situation and provided him what he wanted. This event made Vinesh to be a considerate towards patients and their relatives and not view life with commercial motto all the time. He is also skilled at hand work and that took him to change his career to wood design industry. In a spin moulder machine, he cut his finger which was critically positioned. He was to loose a length without plastic surgery and the ortho surgeon Dr.Durga Prasad referred him to me.

He also ran a canteen sometime in between in a movie hall before it was shut(Liberty) for a while and still helps his parents in their tiffin center in his spare time.

He got married 2 yrs  ago to his mothers relative and his wife helps in the family business.

They celebrate both cultures Andhra and kerala.

MJ Akbar – You cant put down his writings!

Image shameless copied from Outlook

Image(BTW nice caricature) shameless copied from Outlook (But I buy his books in original)

I come across MJ Akbar writings often in the media and listen to him in TV debates. It was his book on Kashmir, that I first read a few passages from and instinctively knew I should read more of his books. May be all.

Thee was one sentence in his ‘Kashmir” book that reads something like this: Shaikh Abdullah after graduating from Aligarh Muslim University, goes on to secure a job in Kashmiri State Govt, but the Dogra govt of that time made a mistake (he adds here, think of monumental mistakes) of not giving him a job, and he then started his political life, and in two years, he was famous enough to be arrested”.

I bought 2 of his books from www.flipkart.com and reading them, one in the office and one at home:

Buy Book Byline by M J Akbar


Buy Book The Shade Of Swords by Akbar, M. J.

The Shade Of Swords

Bommidala Cancer Hospital Guntur

This is one great institute working towards the treatment of Cancer Victims. I am fortunate to be associated with this hospital.

Rajiv Arogyasree is being implemented here successfully. The hospital growth has been on the rise after implementing Arogyasree scheme.

Here is a picture of a patient recently treated by me here. She had cancer lip with involvement of mandible and neck nodes.

She underwent, composite resection, and reconstruction. ALL FREE!

Kartika Vana Bhojanam / Karthika Vana Samaradhana

Few of us, doctor friends met at Vadlamudi in Lemon gardens of Dr.Rayapati Mamatha.  First there was a trip to Sangam Milk  Dairy.  I was late for that trip  and missed it. Others had a great tour through the milk processing, sweet making etc.

In the gardens, programme started with a sincere prayer to AMLA tree by devout lady doctors. Pandals, floor mats were neatly done. Excellent lunch was served. Good games arranged for the kids. All had a good time. Enjoy few of the pics:

Vanabhojanam, also known as Vanbhojan, vanabhojanalu etc is a kind of ritual annual  picnic undertaken during Kartika masam in Andhra Pradesh .  In the Indian tradition, plants are considered to be of divine nature, and worshiped.  Tulasi (Ocimum), Usiri (Amla), Bilva and Durva plants are considered as divine and used in  Pujas. ” Kartika Vana mahotsavam” is a religious event, but  now celebrated as a cultural program and on occasions fully loaded with entertainment like singing and dancing. It is a platform for fostering friendship and strengthening relations amongst people.

It is a belief that Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi prefer to reside under Amla trees during kartika month.  Telugu families were said to be maintaining at least one AMLA tree in their courtyards. With advent of apartment/flat cultures, vanabhojanalu have all the more deeper relevance.

At least once during this kartika month, traditionally people are expected to cook food under these trees after pooja and consume that food as prasad. Offering puja to Lord Vishnu and other Gods, reciting Vishnu Purana and kartika Purana during Vana mahotsavam are prescribed rituals during this event.  There are  few who still follow all the rituals rigorously. Many depend of catering, like we did. But we had our pooja!

Download pictures from here:

(Mail me or call me if you want a CD)

Kartika Vana Bhojanam / Karthika Vana Samaradhana /Kartika Vana Samaradhana

Orange – Bitter taste . Could have been sweeter!

We are talking about the film ‘Orange’. The press gave a lot of hype given the presence of Ramcharan Tej and his ‘Magadheera’ mania. Went last night for a second show.  My opinion: Give it a miss.

The only saving grace are the songs. The songs very good and well shot. Actually pleasing.

Orange is a good film for today’s generation and others who don’t know what true love is. The story couldn’t be handled in 2 hours. It would take a Ekta Kapoor or ZEE TV to handle this kind of story as a serial on TV for say 1-2 years.