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Avatar, the movie!

The day: 25th December, The mood: holiday, The mission: Watch “Avatar”

I watched it 2D at Inox, Vijayawada. The movie made a significant impact in me, close to my heart.

One of the finest movies  I watched in my life time. Fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable.

For the Indian connection, you have the name of the film “Avatar”.

The other is Deepak Rao (Max Patel) a scientist.

The movie is fabulous but at times drags (The only fault).

The story though talks about a plot few hundred years from now, is relevant even today. The exploitation of nature in the name of development is central to the story and the main characters attempt to resist is the plot which ends on a successful note.

This movie should be shown to all the Children (Tomorrow’s citizens)

Why he chose the title Avatar,  is beyond me. He could have saved the title for another movie. The word Avatar’s significance is much more than Cameron thought fit for his movie’s title. But today’s computer and internet world has adapted the word “Avtar” for a mugshot to be used in profiles. Contribution from Indian language to english.

Having got used to subtitles on HBO and StarMovies, I wished there were sub titles to this movie too. I missed a few dialogues.

At the end the heart was tender, the eyes were wet and there was a lump in the throat! Must see. Rating 6 out of 5!!.

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