MJ Akbar – You cant put down his writings!

Image shameless copied from Outlook

Image(BTW nice caricature) shameless copied from Outlook (But I buy his books in original)

I come across MJ Akbar writings often in the media and listen to him in TV debates. It was his book on Kashmir, that I first read a few passages from and instinctively knew I should read more of his books. May be all.

Thee was one sentence in his ‘Kashmir” book that reads something like this: Shaikh Abdullah after graduating from Aligarh Muslim University, goes on to secure a job in Kashmiri State Govt, but the Dogra govt of that time made a mistake (he adds here, think of monumental mistakes) of not giving him a job, and he then started his political life, and in two years, he was famous enough to be arrested”.

I bought 2 of his books from www.flipkart.com and reading them, one in the office and one at home:

Buy Book Byline by M J Akbar


Buy Book The Shade Of Swords by Akbar, M. J.

The Shade Of Swords

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