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Fault lines / bond lines . The case for India

Cracks appear overtime, naturally.

And it’s not unusual that some people do their best to enhance the degeneration. Sometimes new fault lines are altogether invented. Some even  celebrate such activities. While a few  get infuriated at these deliberate jobs, most people are apathetic; appearing weak to the observers.

I first read about “Fault lines” from a book “Breaking India: Western Interventions in Dravidian and Dalit Faultlines” written by Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Neelakandan. The book studies forces that are active in fostering separation of the identities of Dravidian and Dalit communities from the rest of India. Read about the book here:

And Bharka Dutt’s “Unquiet Land: Stories From India’s Fault Lines is using ‘fault lines theme’ to sell the book and probably reinforce the lines further

If “Fault lines” are natural phenomenon. So are “Bonding/bond lines”. I wish for actively seeking for enhancing these bond lines. It may take more prodding and effort to develop ‘bond lines’.


International bonds

  • Indian culture spread from Egypt in the west to Java in the east. Lets see some examples
  • Sanskrit. Paramacharya of Kanchi in an exclusive interview to the illustrated Weekly of India on 11th August, 1963, stated: “It (Sanskrit) is still a living language, in a recognizable form, in Thailand, Burma, Indonesia, Ceylon and several other countries. When we adopt Sanskrit as the national language, we show our readiness to share the common heritage of all the South-East Asian countries, which will at once accept India as one among them. The Russian language also contains a number of words derived from Sanskrit. It is high time we raised our classical language to the status of a modern language for practical, utilitarian purposes. Meanwhile, let us not banish English form our hospitable land. It is a wonderful language, is it not? It is our only medium of communication with the outside world/”
  • Sahara desert was a  sea, dried up in course of time. The word‘Sagara’ possibly degenerated into ‘Sahara’.
  • The 11 Egyptian pharaoh are called Ramesses and named after Ra (the ancient Egyptian sun god)  which is considered the origin of word Rama in Bharat that is India. Ra (agni beeja, the first agni being Sun,) the real king of earth? The words Regal, Reichland, Rajo (guna), Raja, Rama all have origins from the word Ra. (Probably in India the sound ‘Ra’ is tempered with by adding ‘Ma’ making Ra of Rama more lovable?)

National bonds


  • It is wrong to classify the people into Aryan and Dravidian. In Sanskrit, Arya means, worthy of respect, and anaarya means, not worthy.
  • Aryans are not people located to any particular part of the country or globe.
  • Pancha dravidas are mentioned in our saastras – five Dravida groups . Its common to say that Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada are Dravidian languages, our saastraas have included other groups also among the pancha dravidas
    • Gurjaras
    • Karnatakas
    • Andhras
    • Maharashtras
    • Tamilians


(Written with influence of reading Kanchi Swamy writings)

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