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Paa – The movie…

Paa: What a movie!! Hats off to the makeup man and director and Amithab. I have a feeling that, Abhishek is growing into such a mature actor. I had this feeling after watching Guru. It is fully confirmed now.

Vidya balan lost some fat and looks so beautiful. Her sarees and the way she wore chose her matching blouses and her affection and affirmed action are just not to be missed.

Paa is such a great movie, it moves you. ( Is that reason it is called a ‘movie’, one that moves you!). The other character in the movies is a kid called ‘Vishnu’. His insight into life is deep. May be that is the reason he  wears glasses at a young age.

Dont miss the movie…………….Show it to your kids too. May be even your parents should see it with you.

Note: This amazing image of AB has been shamelessly copied from Thank you AB!!


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