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Balakrishna Temple Chengizkhan Pet

Balakrishna Temple is located in a village called chengizkhanpet near Guntur at the foot hills of famous kondaveedu hills which also hold a majestic fort in ruins. The village has good very motor-able access from Guntur, Chilakaluripet, Narasaraopet. The road is good for delicate cars too.

The idol is unique in that is very big idol and said to be only one such idol with the lord shown at young age with a butter ball in his hand in India.

The following picture was taken with consent of the main pujari.


The pictures below are of a Siva temple nearby which is in ruins with clues to its grand past. There is a self appointed elderly Muslim man who acts as a guide and gladly receives your gracious ‘bakshish’


Pictured below, the Kondaveedu hills near the temples offer fantastic trekking opportunities. There are few treasure hunters too. Legend is that there were many lucky hunters!

Visited this area again recently  (June 2016) on cycles with a friend Anand who works in ITC

Here are some photos

image image image image image image image image

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  1. My wife ,after reading about Bala krishna temple in a devotional magazine, wanted me to enquire about the temple, so that we can visit. while I searched in Google, I was connected to your Blog. My wife is very much satisfied to see the LORD`s IDOL in your blog. Thank U for the information posted. I shall be glad if U can furnish the route from Guntur and the distance….Shankar, Chief Manager(Retd.,)SBI,SECUNDERABAD.

    1. 1.From Guntur (via Narasaraopet road) take a left at Phirangipuram
      2.From Guntur (Via Chilakaluripet road) take a right after Boyapalem

      Check google maps for ease of understanding..

  2. Its said that Sri Krishna Devaraya had gifted this area by a title to a woman by name “Sanga Sani” and hence forth the area was called as “Sanga Sani Peta”

    In due course of time, the name became ChengizKhan Peta

  3. I visited this temple in 2013. It’s in very bad shape. There was only one pujari who is doing sevas there. I heard that ISKCON is trying to help renovate it .

    But what is surprising is the name of the place and the whole area is Converted to Christians and only this temple stands in the middle

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